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Friday 22nd  March 2013

Angy's Blog- Choosing Fabric and Garments

First thing is to establish what the garment will be used for. Uniform, Sport, Kitchen, Golf Day etc...

Different fabrics are suited for differing work environments. Cottons and cotton blends provide durability and therefore suited for office and warehouse applications. Today's polyester garments are lightweight and cool and are better suited to sport and casual wear.

With sizes , always ask to get samples of the different sizes and try them on as we all know the size varies depending on style with all clothing.

How long would the garment be expected to last? As a guideline for full time staff it is recommended  that up to 3-5 garments should be supplied to each staff member. This should last for 12 months, provided of course that they follow the care instructions on the garment. Next blog will be fabric definitions.

Friday 8th March 2013


Where has the year gone? It has been so busy with conference season starting with a bang and with the conference special that we have we have been inundated. With this blog I will share with you the top 5 key points when planning a conference.

1. Planning- the earlier you start planning your conference the better prices will be when doing promotional products off shore. As soon as you know the theme of your event or title then start planning. Planning early allows time to come out with more ideas.

2. Add meaning to your giveaway, to create more impact. The cheaper items like pens and confectionary can be used to support your message. An example if you are launching social media then QR Coded chocolate might be the way to go.

3. Branding your promotional product with the location and date of the conference is usually a good idea as people will tend to want to keep it as memorabilia of the event details.

4. Singular Message- Keep message ‘Sharp and Simple.' This will have more impact at a trade show/ conference. What is the number one message you want attendees to take home? This will form the basis for every aspect of your trade show set up. An example of this if you are a high  tech company look for the latest and greatest items like stylus pens, smart phone wipes etc..

5. Drive people to your stand-So giving them something when they register for the trade show which they need to present to you in order to get the free gift. An example of this is a 3-in-1 wristband/wallet/stubby cooler. This was worn as an entry into cocktail party and doubled as a stubby cooler for the event. Inside the wallet was a printed ticket enticing attendees to fill it out the ticket to be in the draw for a lucky door prize. So be the end of the trade show everyone knew who the company was and what they were launching.

Angy's Blog Week 6 - BACK PACKS

The last blog was about bags in general, now I will zoom in on Backpacks.  First, you will need to establish who will be receiving them and what they will be using them for. For sporty people look for lightweight fabrics and a compartment for water bottles. The tech people will be using it to carry computers so they need to be sturdier and padded. If the backpacks are for everyday use then a heavy duty fabric should be selected.

There are many things to consider for backpacks from compartment space and capacity, fabric thickness, compression straps, padded sections, side pockets, port holes for headphones, zippered section, support, reflective panels for safety and more.

Capacity ranges from 18 litres -25 litres. The fabric comes in different thickness and is graded as denier ranging from 210 through to 1680D. Most common are the polyester and nylon fabrics the most popular is usually 600D. If you were after lightweight you would consider 210D and for everyday heavy duty use you would consider the higher denier grading. Then there is a choice of honeycomb texture or rip stops nylon.

A major consideration is decoration options and of course the decoration area. You may choose to use embroidery in either flat or 3D. Printing can either be spot printing up to 7 colours or digital printing which is full colour and would allow for intricate details to be visible. You may also choose sublimation printing which would be all over the packs depending of course on the bag style and how large budget is. The most common form of branding of backpacks is usually embroidery.

Wednesday 28th November 2012

Angy's Blog Week 5 - BAGS

There are many choices of bags depending on what you would like to use them for, be it conferences, trade shows, expos,   general marketing ventures, gifts, shopping, travel or sports.

Conferences;  The choices of style are Tote, Satchel, Duffle.  Corporate; Computer/iPads, Satchel or sleeve for your ipad or tablet. Gifts- paper, tote style bag, Wine/Champagne bag. Shopping- tote , foldable , non-woven , shoulder or cooler bags. Travel/ Sports Bags- backpacks, sports duffle & overnight bags.


Non-woven: are made from non-woven polypropylene. They are used as a replacement for plastic bags. They are better known as the ‘green bag' or ‘eco bag'. They can be used for shopping, conferences, trade shows and expos, school/library bags.
Calico  :are the ultimate in low cost natural fibre bags. Made from 100% cotton, durable, washable and re-usable. Used by companies who would like to make an environmental statement.
Canvas: are made from 100% cotton, durable, washable and re-usable. Thicker than the calico bag. Used to carry heavier items.
Jute : low cost natural fibre. It can be used to replace cotton. It is strong and durable. Jute is also carbon dioxide neutral, naturally decomposable and cost effective.
Other materials are nylon and polyester, neoprene.

Design your own bags

For a minimum order of 500 pieces and 6-8 weeks delivery time, you can custom make your own bag to your specifications.

Stage 1: Choose your bag size and style- gusset size, handle length (short/long), satchel, tote, shoulder, duffle or backpack style.  Material to select from are, non-woven, PET, calico, canvas, jute, nylon etc..

Stage 2: Choose your colour. You may have the same colour all over or different coloured handles or gusset for example.

Stage 3: the final stage is placing your logo. You may choose to place it in 1 position or 4 positions. Places like the gusset, handles (if they are thick enough), if there are flaps you may choose to place it on them. Back and front of bag is a common area. As long as the logo is loud and clear to be effective then that's what matters

Overwhelmed?  Call or email us and one of our sales team will happily assist you find the perfect bag for your needs.  Phone: 1300 308 459

Thursday 22nd November 2012

Angy's Blog Week 4 - CAPS

This week's blog is about CAPS. They are a very powerful form of advertising for your logo or brand.

They are an economical & light weight, making it easy to distribute and long lasting, giving value for your investment as far as promotional merchandise is concerned.

The choices are endless when it comes to caps;

Fabric- Cotton, Sports Twill, Brushed Heavy Cotton, Premium Cotton, Micro fibre , Recycled Fabric, Mesh. The fabric type would depend what your receiver would be using it for. An example would be sports people who need a fairly durable hat with breathable material (cotton). An environmentally conscious company would require recycled fabric or organic cotton.

Closures- self touch strap, slide buckles, metal buckle, embossed buckle, leather, vinyl or fitted. The best types of closures are the adjustable type so that they fit all sizes.

Panels- 6 is the most common; you may also have 4 and 5 panels. This will depend on how solid you would like the cap to be, 6 panels would be sturdier than say 4.

Peak- Pre-curved or low profile peaks are the most common. You also have choice of a sandwiched peak; this means that the peak is thicker, if you can imagine it is like a cheese sandwich where you have room to brand front edge of the peak if you choose.

Decoration- Embroidered or Vinyl Transfer (full colour). Locations of the decoration are usually done on front of cap and back above closure. The sides of the cap are also used for branding.

For a minimum order of 150 you can custom make a hat just for you!

The choices you then have are;

  • Structured or unstructured cap
  • Material
  • Colour of panels and peak
  • Decoration type
  • Placement of decoration
  • Peak options
  • Under peak colours
  • Closure options
  • Eyelets - match or contrast colours
  • Button options
  • Seam stitching
  • Seam taping options
  • Sweatband options
  • Custom label options

So overall, the humble cap gives you value for your advertising dollar, to get your brand noticed.

Thursday 15th November 2013

Angy's Blog Week 3 - PENS

Pens are one of the cheapest forms of branded merchandise around, making them perfect for giveaways at trade shows, expos and conferences.  You can then opt to spend a little more and go for a brand name metal pen (Waterman, Schaffer, Parker and the likes of) to give to your more valued clients.

Depending on your budget and your target market there are literally 100's of pens to select from.

Plastic pens the choices to select from are;

Barrel -size, colour and style.

Clicker style and colour

Grip- Rubber, silicon or no grip

Presentation- cellophane bag or neck hanging

Metal pens- The choices are;

Twist action or click action

Colour and styles


The packaging of the metal pens is an important factor when they are used as gifts. These are in order of quality.






The decoration style is also important.  Plastic pens can only be printed, whereas metal pens you have a choice to either print in your corporate colours or engrave.

Another option available and to consider is the flag/banner pens.  This style of pen offers you two large pages to promote your brand in full colour with whatever you need to communicate to your market. For example, it could be a calendar of special events that you need to make them aware of. You may even match the barrel of the pen to your PMS colours. Because these are made to your specifications there is a minimum order of 5000.

Wednesday 7th November 2012

Angy's Blog Week 2 - USB's

This week I will walk you through finding the right USB for you.  It's quite overwhelming when you see what is available.  Where does one start?

Firstly, think about who will be receiving them and how they will be distributed, personally or by post? This will determine thickness, shape and weight.

What is the purpose of the USB? Are you wanting to showcase your business, services or events via information uploaded onto the flashdrive? Most USB suppliers will give you an option of free upload of data up to 150MB. There are two options of lockable and unlockable data.

When suppling "Locked or Non Deletable Date" a flash drive must be separated into 2 partitions.  There will be one "locked area", where you can store your information (non Deletable data). The "unlocked area" is where the end-user can still load and delete their own personal data. These partitions will both appear under the "My Computer" icon and may need to be accessed independently depending on the user's computer settings. The non-deletable data is an additional charge.

There is also an option of "password protected" information where the receiver will have a password to access the information. This is a specialised process that incurs an additional charge to prepare the chip.

Print Area - The larger the area the more room you have to print your logo/artwork.

Memory size - they start from a 512MB, 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16GB with 32GB also available.

Variety of USBs styles including Classic, Credit card, Custom moulded (eg: handbag shape), Brushed metal, Leather, Pens, Key shaped, USB people (USB's in the shape of people, eg: nurse, Dr). If you where wanting to personalise your flashdrive even further you may PMS colour match it to your logo for an additional cost.

Then you can have extra attachments: Keyring, lanyards or snap hooks.

Packaging - USB's usually come in a poly bag, you also have a choice of presentation boxes from cardboard to wooden boxes depending on how much you would like to spend.

Wednesday 31st October 2012

The start of Angy's Blog about her journey learning all about the promotional industry...

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Angy , I have just joined the team at You've Been Promoted (YBP)  as an account manager and come with a very diverse career background, but none in this particular industry. So my journey will be shared with you as I learn the huge selection of products available along the way.

So, as I learn the product range and processes involved with marketing and promotional merchandise, I will hopefully be able to help you select the right products for your business, event or function.

I will endeavour each week to guide you through many different options available to you with items such as standard or customised bags, USB's, corporate clothing, drink ware, coffee cups etc and the benefits of each.

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