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About Us

"Invest in your branding proportionate with the growth you want to achieve. Branding is a very powerful strategic sales tool for your business. It creates the first impression and sometimes the only impression that clients and prospects will have of your business."

Heather Stone

We are committed to be creative in our work, deliver superior results and provide competitive pricing...

You’ve Been Promoted, a division of You've Been Gifted was created to offer promotional marketing merchandise & gifts that are different enough to be exciting, but at all times cost competitive. From your standard range of promotional products such as pens, USB's, clothing, confectionery, eco products and bags to name but a few, through to complete customisation of a specific item. Stuck for ideas on what to get and need help? All we need is a brief from you and then leave the rest to our creative team...

You've Been Promoted supply small, medium and large companies throughout Australia, with each company having a dedicated Account Manager designated to them from start to finish. If you would like to know more about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.
On behalf of our clients, we source all of our products both locally and internationally, enabling us to have a vast range of product available to provide you with. Our fingers are kept on the pulse of new technology with IT products and fresh styles of items that are influenced by trends happening overseas. We understand the importance of making an impact.

We look after:

Our service to you is assisting your role in the organisation of purchasing effective merchandise and thoughtful gifts. We take the running around and hard work out of your hands, allowing you to get on with other matters. We hold all of our suppliers and decorators in high regard, demanding top quality results. That way, you as the customer will always be satisfied with the end result.


Delivering Quality Experiences with our Services and Products

Maintain a quality service experience with all our clients from enquiry to delivery, our clients have a choice for branded merchandise and we want to be the first choice. We want to provide a great service experience, dealing with our team of Account Managers that all live the same values that want to provide great products, meeting budgets and deadlines with a great attitude from beginning to end so our clients return again and again.


We build trust with open, honest and fair relationships with our clients, suppliers and fellow team members.
The promotional products industry is complex, so we must be aware that each person has a different level of knowledge of products and services. We work with integrity and it is our responsibility to engage with our clients and our team to educate and create successful promotional merchandise programs and promote their brand successfully .

Engagement and Accountability

We work hard as a engaged team that loves what we do. We commit to the success and well being of our team and actively engage in discussions and commit to decisions once they are made.
We do what we say we will do – people trust us to deliver a great experience, we all have the courage, flexibility and confidence to make our own decisions, we focus on finding solutions and achieving results.
We are responsible for our actions, we take responsibility for our success and our mistakes, we learn, we make the appropriate changes and we grow.
We want people to think outside the box, to innovate and be a leader with a sense of responsibility, take ownership, be accountable and have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Positive team

Our teamwork is made up of motivation, happiness and understanding the importance of listening.
Motivation – Encourage each other to work towards improving everything we do rather than accepting where we are at, both in work and in life.
Happiness - Making the most of what we have and work with a positive attitude and good communication towards achieving better outcomes. We learn from our failures, and we take responsibility to communicate clearly building an environment of trust and fun.
Working as a team to help others to be positive, be fair, be happy and always playing above the line.
Listening – is a key value, It is important to listen and you will hear opportunities for solutions from our clients, our suppliers, and our team. So let other people talk, listen and hear what they say to come up with concepts, ideas and solutions, so we can develop a strategy and implement them successfully.

Striving for Continuous Improvement

Have ambition, seek opportunity and provide forward thinking, all the while acting with integrity that will bring success to everyone in the team.
Opportunity will open doors to success, we look for opportunity for our clients to grow and succeed, in turn our clients will love what we do for them, will be referring us to others often, and as a result our team will grow and succeed.
Setting goals, commitment to agreed targets and being open to feedback are measures of our success. We are passionate and work as one team to take the business forward with a focus on both Commercial Success with an aligned Culture of Trust and Fun.
We are committed to doing more with less, not to become bogged down in bureaucracy as we continue to grow. Be a little dog with a BIG dog personality.