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Eco friendly Products


Eco-consciousness isn’t just about reducing, reusing and recycling any more. Here are the main terms currently used with an easy definition:

Organic – Produced without using fossil fuel-based fertiliser, synthetic pesticides or genetically modified plants

Sustainable/Renewable – Made from materials which can be replaced easily (eg using plant fibres such as bamboo, hemp or cotton rather than wood or materials made from petroleum)

Reusable – Designed to be used for an extended time period

Recycled – Made from materials originating from previously used (post-consumer waste) or from scraps created during the manufacturing process otherwise earmarked for landfill (post-industrial waste)

Recyclable – Produced using materials that can be reclaimed and reinvented into usable products

Compostable/Biodegradable – Manufactured from materials that can decompose safely within a natural environment. Materials such as paper or plastic made from corn starch or synthetics such as bio-plastics belong in this group

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